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Holding Our Officials Responsible for their Actions

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When I was growing up, I always played cops and robbers with my brother and sister. We would spend hours running around as two cops one robber, chasing each other, and then switching sides. I always preferred to be the robber. Looking back, I think it was a combination of leading the chase and getting to work independently that I liked the most. I’ve always hated being forced to rely on others, and I would prefer it if I never needed any help. But unfortunately, I am human.

I paid close attention to the weather as reports came in that Tropical Storm Harvey was gaining strength and might hit the Gulf Coast as a hurricane. I’ve been through several hurricanes before, and I wasn’t particularly worried about this one. Then it made landfall.

Hurricane Harvey crashed through Houston like an amped-up gorilla trapped in a window factory, and instead of calling the police, the fire department responded and tried to spray it into submission. We got soaked yall, and things are a mess. In my 47 years of life on this coast, I can’t remember a time that it rained so heavily and for so long.

Barker reservoir was so full that I didn’t even recognize it anymore. The thing’s been around since before I was born, but I don’t think the Corp had any idea how to handle waters being that high. In fact, I’m certain that they didn’t because after they flooded my house, they opened up the dam and flooded all the houses along the bayou.

My dad always drilled into my head since I was a boy, “Son, when you get a house, you better ensure it for everything you got. Your home is an investment, and you need to protect it.” Well, I’m glad I listened to him because a lot of my neighbors didn’t have flood insurance.

I’m still as mad as a bull in a rodeo that the Army didn’t do something about their failing systems sooner. Apparently, they’ve known for a long time that Addicks and Barker were ticking timebombs, but they didn’t do anything about it. Now the government is using my property without my permission, and they’re using it to store floodwater! It’s 2017, and we haven’t figured out how to properly drain water yet?

I couldn’t imagine dealing with this mess without insurance, not that working with FEMA was one of life’s simple pleasures. My neighbor told me about Williams Kherkher and what they’re doing to help, and I got to share it here. They are filing lawsuits against the government to obtain money for all the damages they caused with the reservoirs. You don’t need insurance to sign up, and if you do have insurance, it won’t change anything. I’ve been reading through their website, and it’s worth taking a look. Everything they offer is free, so don’t worry about getting tricked into paying something. They’ve been here almost as long as I have, and they seem like genuine members of the community.

I’m not a sue-happy kinda guy, but what they did to us is just ridiculous. I hope someone holds them responsible.

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