Crimes on Vacation

Destin’s Laws and Consequences

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The website of a Destin criminal defense lawyer explains that if one is vacationing in Destin, one should be aware of the fact that laws in Destin may be different from the laws in other cities. This means that anyone visiting can get charged for breaking the law even if the law does not exist in their home city. Charges made in Florida can and will follow someone back to their home state.

Since Destin is known as a party destination for young people, common charges associated with Destin tourists are synonymous to charges typically given out when the authorities get involved with parties. Here are some common charges and consequences people face when vacationing in Destin.

For those who are underage, understand that if you drink, you run the risk of getting in legal trouble. In Destin, first time offenders may serve up to 60 days in jail or pay a fine up to $500. For second time offenders, jail time can increase up to a year, and fines up to $1000. Any sort of charge will stay on your record permanently.

Sometimes when people have too much to drink, they become more violent than they typically are sober. In Destin, getting caught up in the moment and letting your anger get the best of you can cost you up to a year in jail or on probation, or a fine up to $1000. Additionally, those charged with domestic violence must attend anger management courses. If convicted, the charge will stay on your record forever, so think carefully before accepting a tempting plea bargain.

With marijuana laws constantly changing, it is hard to keep up with every state’s current stance. In Florida, marijuana possession is still illegal. If caught with under 20 grams, one can face up to a year in prison, up to $1000 in fines, and a license suspension.

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