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What to Do After a Truck Accident

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Sadly, it is likely that you will be involved in a truck or car accident of some kind in your lifetime. And even if you are so lucky that you are not directly in an accident, then you will probably witness an auto collision on the road. That means that no matter your luck, you should know what to do to help yourself or others in the case of a wreck.

The most important factor to consider when reacting to a truck accident is physical safety. But if possible, a person’s legal liability or ability to fight in court is also important to consider. As a result, certain factors about the crash site and more are important to preserve. 

I care more about a person other than their most basic, physical safety. So in this article, I will discuss how to protect yourself in lots of different ways:

Protecting your body

When in a car or truck accident, the most important thing to do immediately is to check your vital organs and your extremities for injury. Try to flex different parts of your body. If the accident was not particularly catastrophic, then checking for subtle injuries that are not as easily noticeable is important.

Of course, if you are knocked unconscious in an extreme collision there is not much advice to give. However, the vast majority of accidents are not as violent or graphic as the movies would lead you to believe.

After checking your vitals and recognizing signs of injury, you should do the following to protect the physical safety of others:

  • Check with your passengers (if applicable) and make sure they also verify their limbs or sensitive parts of their body for pain and damage
  • Carefully — check for oncoming traffic — go to the other car involved in the accident to see if they need medical attention
  • Either call 911 for an ambulance or directly tell another person to call 911

The last step is specific for a reason. Many people involved in collisions assume that other people will call for an ambulance. This is not true and could lead to medical emergency officials never being notified of the crash.

Legal protection

After calling for an ambulance, firefighters, or other relevant officials, then you need to call a lawyer as soon as possible. If you are an observer of a crash, then you should not call a lawyer for the victims of a wreck. However, let them know in appropriate timing that they should call a lawyer to make sure they are not swindled by the person responsible for the wreck or by any insurance companies.

Another legal protection to consider, after discussing it with your attorney, is to document as much evidence as possible about the collision. Keep all of the following information in mind, but just know that all of the following tips and more can be discussed with lawyers like the team at Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers:

  • Ask witnesses for contact information in case facts about the crash are disputed. 
  • Take pictures of the crash site, including the ground and any tire marks. 
  • Speak honestly but concisely with an officer if they are conducting an official police report about the crash. 

Stay safe and good luck!

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